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Participate in the DJ Odyccy Remix Challenge: Umjolo Edition!

Are you a music producer or a passionate remixer looking for a creative challenge? DJ Odyccy has an exciting opportunity for you! Introducing the DJ Odyccy Remix Challenge: Umjolo Edition, an exhilarating remix challenge where your musical skills will take center stage.

Track Information:

  • Acapella: DJ Odyccy - "Umjolo"

  • BPM: 112

  • Key: C Minor

How to Participate:

  1. Download the Acapella: Visit to get your hands on the acapella from DJ Odyccy's chart-topping track, "Umjolo."

  2. Unleash Your Creativity: This is your canvas to paint your sonic masterpiece. Remix, reconstruct, and reimagine the acapella into a track that is uniquely yours.

  3. Submit Your Remix: Once you've polished your creation, send it to with the subject line "DJ Odyccy Remix Challenge Submission."

Key Dates:

  • Challenge Start: November 4, 2023

  • Challenge End: November 18, 2023

  • Winner Announcement: November 25, 2023

What's at Stake?


The top 5 remixes will be featured in an exclusive Remix Package. This package will be released on all major online music stores, offering you a unique chance to gain recognition and exposure for your remixing skills.

Top 5 Showcase:

Join DJ Odyccy on his YouTube channel for a live session where he'll play and celebrate the top 5 remixes. This is your moment to shine and share your creativity with a larger audience.

Are you ready to unveil your musical talents and showcase your unique style to the world? The DJ Odyccy Remix Challenge is your platform to do just that!


  • Multiple submissions are welcome.

  • Remixes must be original and adhere to copyright guidelines.

  • By submitting, you consent to DJ Odyccy featuring your remix in the Remix Package.

Save the dates, prepare your equipment, and let your creativity flow. The challenge is on, and it's time to make some musical magic. DJ Odyccy is excited to witness your ingenuity, so let your imagination run wild!

Stay tuned for the winner announcement on November 25, 2023, when DJ Odyccy will unveil the champions in a special video on his YouTube channel.

Let the remixing begin, and may the most outstanding beats emerge victorious! 🎧🎶

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