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Amapiano Ammo Sample Pack 04

Amapiano Ammo Sample Pack 04

Amapiano Ammo Sample Pack 04 By DJ Odyccy


DJ Odyccy's Amapiano Ammo Sample Pack 04 is a premium sample pack that forms part of the Ammo collection. This pack is ideal if you are into loops. It features high quality samples and midi files, which will help you create magic moments in the studio whether you're a beginner music producer or have been making music all your life. This pack also gives you tools to produce other types of music genres as well. It has various sounds including Deep House, Afro Pop, Afro Beats, Afro House and others...


What's In The Box:

446mb (Unzipped) | 438 Files | 37 Folders



One Shots: Drums

Drums: Kicks (20), Claps (19), Snares (15), Crashes/Rides (15), Hats (27), Rimshots (10)

Percussions: IPS (28), Shakers (28), Woods/Steels (31), Tambourines (21), Congas/Bongos (31)


One Shots: Instruments

Chords (10), Keys (06), Synths (20), Bass (10)


Loops: Drums

Full Drumloops (16), Tops (11), Hats (05),



Shakers (10), Percs Mix(25)


Loops: Instruments

Bass (06), Synths (27), Logdrum (07)


Drumfills: 16 Files


Midi: 23 Files

You will get a ZIP (324MB) file

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