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DJ Odyccy - Afro House & Tech Essentials 04

DJ Odyccy - Afro House & Tech Essentials 04

DJ Odyccy's Afro House & Tech Essentials Sample Pack 04


Transform your music production with the unparalleled DJ Odyccy's Afro House & Tech Essentials Sample Pack 04! This ultimate collection is meticulously crafted to deliver the highest quality sounds for Afro House, Deep House, Amapiano, and beyond. With an impressive 541 MB of content (unzipped), this pack includes 50 folders filled with 591 premium files, offering an extensive range of samples to elevate your tracks to new heights.


Content Breakdown:


One Shot Drums:

- 22 Kicks: Punchy, deep kicks to drive your beats.

- 26 Snares: Crisp and impactful snares for that perfect snap.

- 21 Claps: Sharp claps to enhance your rhythm sections.

- 10 Crashes: Dynamic crashes to add excitement and transitions.

- 11 Rides: Smooth and resonant rides for groove enhancement.

- 20 Closed Hats: Tight hi-hats to maintain energy.

- 15 Open Hats: Open hi-hats for spaciousness and movement.

- 21 Rim Shots: Versatile rim shots to add unique character.

- 20 Toms: Full-bodied toms for rhythmic complexity.


One Shot Percussions:

- 23 Shakers: Add groove with a variety of shaker sounds.

- 17 Woods: Natural wooden percussive elements.

- 22 Steels: Metallic tones for distinctive percussive hits.

- 12 Tambourines: Bright tambourine sounds to uplift your tracks.

- 10 Hits: Diverse percussive hits for added texture.

- 31 Congas: Authentic conga sounds to infuse Afro rhythm.

- 8 Djembes: Traditional djembe tones for cultural depth.

- 25 Mixed Percs: A mix of various percussive elements.

- 6 Rain Sticks: Ethereal rain stick sounds for ambient layers.


One Shot Instruments:

- 10 Bass: Deep and punchy basses to anchor your productions.

- 10 Keys: Melodic keys for harmonic richness.

- 10 Chords: Harmonious chord stabs for instant inspiration.

- 10 Synths: Modern synth sounds to elevate your tracks.

- 10 Plucks: Sharp plucks for melodic intricacy.

- 5 Guitars: Authentic guitar samples to add organic warmth.


Loops Drums:

- 10 Full Drum Loops: Complete drum loops for instant groove.

- 5 Top Loops:* High-end loops to layer and build complexity.

- 15 Shaker Loops: Groovy shaker loops to keep the beat moving.

- 10 Percussion Loops: Rhythmic percussion loops for dynamic layers.


Loops Instruments:

- 5 Bassline Loops: Driving basslines to ground your tracks.

- 5 Song Starters: Inspirational starters to kick off your sessions.

- 26 Synths & Melodies: Captivating synths and melodies for instant hooks.



- 32 MIDI Files: Versatile MIDI files for creative flexibility.



- 10 Drum Fills: Dynamic fills to transition between sections.



- 10 Risers: Build anticipation with these powerful risers.

- 10 Downshifters: Smooth downshifters for seamless transitions.

- 10 Impacts: Impactful sounds for dramatic effect.

- 5 Misc FX: Unique effects to add spice and creativity.



- Kit 1: 8 Samples

- Kit 2: 13 Samples

- Kit 3: 16 Samples

- Kit 4: 15 Samples

- Kit 5: 10 Samples


With DJ Odyccy's Afro House & Tech Essentials Sample Pack 04, you'll have every tool you need to create chart-topping tracks. Whether you're producing Afro House, Deep House, or Amapiano, this pack is your go-to resource for high-quality sounds and unparalleled creativity. Get ready to revolutionize your music with the best sample pack in the game!

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